Designs That Stick

- a story by our owner, Sean Conners - 


Much to my amazement, I did not get tired of the design, in fact, I could not stop scheming over what to do with it.  On my next day off I would carefully peel the Vermont design off my fridge and take it with me to a local shop in Waterbury.  I tentatively showed her the design and she told me I should get it printed into a vinyl sticker at a place downtown in Burlington. She even told me that once I had some printed out I could sell them in her store on consignment.  

My first batch of stickers was in one color scheme, one size, and of a total quantity of 75.


Page In Progress.. More to come soon!

As of Late 2014 I was holed up in a small apartment in Waterbury Center.  I had moved up from Windsor Locks, Connecticut earlier that year, leaving behind my 9-5 customer service job at an insurance company. Currently working at a cider mill up the road and giving part-time lessons as a snowboard instructor, I was eager to challenge myself and use the business degree I had earned a couple years back.  

Drawing had always been a passion of mine, but I was far from being a "professional artist." One cold night, with my Rinnai heater clicking on and off, I started to sketch some drawings of Vermont on greeting cards to give to my family for the holiday season.  Of the drawings that I came up with, one in particular stuck with me.  It was a hand drawn outline of Vermont with a county map rendered with loosely accurate and curvy lines.  

I thought to myself, "people might buy this," but I had no idea where to start or if I would still like it in a couple weeks.  I sent the other greeting cards to family but kept the Vermont drawing taped to my refrigerator so I could look at it every day for a while.